Pipeline Integrity Management

This division is experienced in the execution of long term services contracts for the management, annual / planned maintenance and repair of pipelines, rotating equipment and other oil and gas production facilities.

Separate crews / teams are working under this division for various maintenance, repair and specialist activities using in-house resources.

Our experience in this category of work includes the following:

- Pipeline Integrity Management:  
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Chemical Inhibition
  • Internal / External Corrosion Management
  • Sleeving repairs
  • Hot taping
  • Right-of-way Maintenance
  • Verification digs
  • Removal of old coating or wrapping
  • Re-coating or wrapping

 Annual, /Routine, Maintenance and Repair of:  
  • Block Valve Stations ESD Valves
  • Launchers & Receivers
Application of Stopaq® anti-corrosive wrap coating
Application of Clocksping® Composite Pipeline Sleeving system
Blasting and Coating of Pipelines
Inspection Services & Intelligent Pigging Support
Cathodic Protection – Design, Construction and Maintenance
Access fitting coupon/probe installation, retrievals
Installation and Commissioning of SCADA Systems