Our vision is to be recognized as being one of the best EPC Contracting and Trading Companies in Oman.

To provide our employees with living facilities in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Government of Oman and PDO.

Making employees aware of hazards to their health and providing them with all necessary personal protection equipment. Ensuring employees are not subjected to stress problems in their work environment.


Our mission is to continuously improve all of our business activities in order to achieve a level of excellence that permits us to provide the highest satisfaction to all our Clients and our Employees.

Industrial Relation

Our aim is to achieve a commendable industrial relationship with all parties involved or participated in our business.

This includes the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, our clientele, principal companies, local and overseas suppliers, employees and sub-contractors.

Fulfilling obligations towards all our business associates and a management objective of good industrial relations.